Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013


Look up, look up, my heart today,
Take courage and be strong;
The New Year cometh up to thee,
So greet it with a song.

The Old year lieth dead and cold
Beneath its shroud of sorrow
Its troubles and perplexities,
Thou never more shall know.

Look up - there are new crowns to win,
New battles to be fought;
Perchance before the New Year goes,
My freedom may be bought.

Oh! Let the past be past, except
To week its stains away;
Nor let the future dazzle thee,
Promise whate'er it may.

The present only is thine own:
Look up, be brave and strong;
And if thy life be all for God,
The way will not seem long.

Pine thou for strife, for pain, for grief,
As solidiers pine for fight;
For there are crowns awaiting thee
In lands of cloudless light.

LOC 45043535
Published by the Benedictine Fathers of the
Sacred Heart Mission, Oklahoma Territory
in order to promote the cause of the Indian Advocate
January 1, 1905

Provided by Oklahoma Historical Society

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