Friday, December 19, 2014

Excellent Winter Vacation Gifts

Stocking Stuffers

As a creative gift this winter vacation, you might be interested in the "Giant Tales" collection for adults and children. Giant Tales offers a 3-minute series and a 10-minute series. Since adults and children are sometimes short on time, a short story is better than no reading at all. Many parents need to get back into the routine of reading out loud to their children and discussing the story. The Giant Tales books provide great stories to keep the reader engaged. 

The stories are loved by avid readers as well as people who need to get back into reading.

I highly recommend any of the six Giant Tales books. For ages 12 and up. 

The books include:

Giant Tales 3-Minute Stories: 
Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors (Book 1) 
Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp (Book 2) 
Giant Tales: World of Pirates (Book 3) 
Giant Tales: Dangerous Days (Book 4)

Giant Tales 10-Minute Apocalypse Stories: 
Lava Storm In the Neighborhood (Book 1) 
Final Ships In the Neighborhood (Book 2) 
(Book 3) to be released in 2015

Here is a link to Amazon where you can see all six Giant Tales books:

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Heather Marie Schuldt

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