Giant Tales Books 1-4

Book 1:

Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors

Sixty-one delightful tales of
courage, greed, acceptance, and hope.
Take an unexpected journey
beyond the mystic doors.

Book 2:

Adventure is found 
in a mysterious wooded swamp,
a place where amphibians are about to 
jump right off the page.
Something strange is happening - 
people are missing and reptiles are found. 
If you like tales from the swamp, 
then this is the book for you.

Book 3:

An ancient musical curse is causing 
ships to sink in the Caribbean,
and treasure is to be found. 
You'll find roving adventure
with desperadoes and voyagers 
sailing near unchartered island
in this collection of 3-minute tales 
from forty authors.
If you'd like to hear a pirate tale,
then this is the book for you.

Book 4:

Authors were challenged to write a short story and include three highlights: 
a hot day, a superstition, and something to do with liberty. 
The second challenge was to write another short story using the theme of power, 
set in "another world," and include three highlights: 
a crown, a window, and either a powerful or powerless woman. 
A winning combination of many genres, 
"Giant Tales Dangerous Days" (Book 4)
will take you into another world where you will find 
fifty-three thrilling short stories.