Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is Fiction Writing for You?

Fiction Writer Lessons

Here is a test for writers to see if you are a good fit for writing fiction. Can you answer "yes" to every question? If so, fiction writing might be a good field for you.

1.)          Do you like to be creative and original?
2.)          Do you like to be a storyteller?
3.)          Are you a natural observer?
4.)          Can you embrace solitude?
5.)          Do you have a driving reason to write?
6.)          Do you believe you are talented enough?
7.)          Are you a voracious reader?
8.)          Are you passionate about the craft?
9.)          Are you passionate about novels?
10.)                Do you understand the commitment?
11.)                Are you able to learn?
12.)                Can you make precise goals?
13.)                Can you hold onto your dreams?
14.)                Can you be professional?
15.)                Are you willing to work hard?
16.)                Do you set a high standard of excellence?
17.)                Can you find inspiration?
18.)                Can you come up with your own ideas?
19.)                Can you expose yourself to new ideas?
20.)                Are you open to experiences?
21.)                Have you studied the market?
22.)                Do you know what makes a good story?
23.)                Do you write about what you love?
24.)                Do you write about what you know?
25.)                Are you in a writer’s group?
26.)                Have you attended a writing class or workshop?
27.)                Do you make time to write everyday?
28.)                Can you find a place to write?
29.)                Do you like working with writing tools?
30.)                Do you have an imagination?
31.)                Can you do your own research?
32.)                Can you focus on your story idea?
33.)                Do you nurture your creativity?
34.)                Do you record your ideas as soon as you get them?
35.)                Do you know how to collaborate?
36.)                Can you outline a story?
37.)                Can you select a point of view to tell the story?
38.)                Can you develop a plot?
39.)                Can you find your own pace?
40.)                Do you know how to get the basics down?
41.)                Can you create interesting characters?
42.)                Can you write interesting dialogue?
43.)                Can you make conflict?
44.)                Can you write a few chapters at a time?
45.)                Can you make up a good ending?
46.)                Do you set reasonable goals?
47.)                Is writing a pleasure?
48.)                Can you write through the blahs?
49.)                Do you have a type of physical exercise for your body?
50.)                Do you find time to recharge?
51.)                Do you get a good night’s sleep?
52.)                Do you make health a priority?
53.)                Can you write through fears?
54.)                Can you silence your inner critic?
55.)                Can you deal with distractions well?
56.)                Can you annihilate time burglars?
57.)                Do you make a sacrifice to write?
58.)                Do you find yourself on cruise control when you write?
59.)                Can you overcome procrastination?
60.)                Can you face a blank page?
61.)                Do you overcome writer’s block?
62.)                Can you stick with umpteen revisions?
63.)                Can you meet deadlines?
64.)                Can you cope with rejection?
65.)                Can you face failure well?
66.)                Can you complete your first draft?
67.)                Do you edit your own work the best you can?
68.)                Do you ask for feedback?
69.)                Can you put your manuscript aside for a month to read it fresh?
70.)                Can you write a pitch synopsis?
71.)                Do you ask other authors for blurbs?
72.)                Are you able to send off your manuscript?
73.)                Can you build a good track record?
74.)                Can you accept criticism?
75.)                Do you trust your instincts?
76.)                Do you save everything from ideas, journals, & stories you write?
77.)                Can you learn from other writers?
78.)                Can you shop for an agent?
79.)                Can you write a query letter?
80.)                Can you work with and get along with your agent?
81.)                Can you work with editors?
82.)                Do you have mentors?
83.)                Are you a mentor?
84.)                Do you keep yourself from burning bridges?
85.)                Can you build a good reputation?
86.)                Can you be courteous?
87.)                Can you be easy to work with?
88.)                Have you learned about publishing?
89.)                Can you promote yourself?
90.)                Can you seek online reviews?
91.)                Can you make a creative website?
92.)                Do you venture into online publishing markets?
93.)                Do you know the pros and cons of self-publishing?
94.)                Do you know your readers?
95.)                Do you know what your readers care about?
96.)                Can you keep your readers from getting bored?
97.)                Do you have a great appreciation for your book?
98.)                Can you keep a sense of humor?
99.)                Can you try new things?
100.)            Can you keep writing no matter what?


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  2. Whoa! There are 100 reasons to ask the question "Are you ready to write" and hopefully if most of these questions you can answer is yes, then maybe I stand a chance. Thank you for this incredible wake up.
    Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins
    Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

  3. Great list! Some of the items made me stop and think. Fiction writing (or any writing for that matter) is not for the faint of heart, and there's more to it than just putting down words, as your list shows.

  4. You nailed it Heather. I'm copying this list for my writer's group. I'll certainly give you credit and your blog address. Found you on Linkedin. ~ Peggy

  5. Wow! I think you've covered everything! I'll share this with my critique group. Thanks! Val